Photo Mishmash Screensaver

Photo Mishmash Screensaver Version 2.2 Free trial

Transform the images (PNG or JPEG format) of your choice into attractive looking screensavers for your laptops or personal computers

Do you want to make your own screensavers for your personal computers or your laptops? Mishmash Screensaver is software which allows you to do so very easily. Using this software, you can transform the images of your own choice, may be your own pictures, or taken from the website, can be web graphics, or any sort of clip arts in screensavers. Not only this, the software will display the images in such way that you will not recognize them.
The images which you will feed in the software to be transformed in the screensavers will be swirled, squeezed, stretched or may be blended in such a way that you will not be able to recognize your own pictures. This will not only be applied to one selected picture only, but all of your pictures given to the software will be gradually mixed to the screensaver and you will get a beautiful abstract art as result. You, yourself will be surprised and pleased at same time to see what has become of your picture. All you need for this is Mishmash screensaver and your photos in PNG or JPEG format, as the software only recognizes these two formats only.
The software is available for free download on the internet. Many different versions are available and can be downloaded freely. It can work well for different Microsoft windows versions.
Just don’t wait to grab opportunity to make unique and beautiful screensavers for your system by using this simple and totally free software. Just download it and get started.
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